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Digital records

Get rid of paperwork store your entire business in your phone

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Connect with customers

Stay in constant touch with your customers, increase their trust in the service

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Inventory Management

With Hella’s support, manage your stock with simple clicks

Simple Job Card creation

  • Say goodbye to paper, add your customer’s details here and store them forever

  • Stay updated on the status of each car. Whether you are at the shop or outside, stay in touch with your business 24X7

  • Search customer records in a matter of seconds

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Send updates with a single click

  • Now spend your time on your business instead of on the phone

  • Handle customer negotiations with the tap of a button

  • Automatically create estimates and invoices

  • Collect online payments in a hassle free manner

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Track every penny that you make

  • Monitor your revenue, profits and taxes in a single place

  • GST ready invoices and records

  • Track your business’s progress with Hella Digi Friend. Make sure you keep growing

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